Calgary: Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show

It’s gonna be cold, but it’s gonna be fun!

Next weekend, I’m heading to the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show. I get really nostalgic when I think of sportsmen’s shows because they were a big part of my childhood. I have a ton of memories of slipping past the seminar curtain to hang out “behind the scenes” while dad or uncle Bob gave  a talk. I’d sit there listening to everyone laugh and engage and didn’t understand half of what was said, but loved hearing it all. Almost every show, mom would spoil my brother and I with cotton candy, roasted nuts and candy and we’d spend the time in between dad and Bob’s seminars touring the houseboats (they seemed huge when I was a kid!) and visiting with animals.

Canadian National Sportsmen's Show
Uncle Bob on the left, and dad (Wayne) on the right…a LONG time ago!

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Fly Fishing Film Tour 2015: Beattie Outdoor Productions, Brunch with Tom Bie and more…

This weekend was a whirlwind, full of fishing work and play…

I flew into Denver on Friday to attend my very first F3T: Fly Fishing Film Tour event and now that it’s happened, I’m happy I did!  For those who aren’t familiar with the tour, it’s a traveling film festival featuring the best outdoors/fly fishing films in the world. In any one given afternoon or evening, about a dozen films are shown, along with whatever the host decides to include in the event like prizes, drinks and entertainment.  Saturday night was the U.S. premiere for the year and it was one rad evening. Held at the City Hall Theatre (a cross between bar and theatre), it consisted of live music, industry booths and a few bars to choose from.

Tom Bie of the Drake magazine, and I, talking about fishing, the tour and everything in between. Read more

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