Jamaâ El Fna

Our trip to Morocco was filled with novelty, excitement, pleasure and intrigue, however one particularly unique experience was our time spent in the market, Jamaâ El Fna ( also spelled Djemma El Fna). We witnessed both the daytime and nighttime vibe, and although it’s safe to say both displayed a tremendous amount of energy, the latter especially so.

Knowing this had the possibility of being an overwhelming experience, I had booked us a tour guide beforehand. The taxi dropped us off at the main entrance of the market, where we did the usual Moroccan thing – crossed the street while dodging taxis, a few SUV’s and a whole lotta motorbikes…like hundreds of them, some carrying full grown men and women, others with entire family’s wrapped around each surface of the bike, and I’m not talking large Harley bikes, I’m talking what look like regular bicycles with small motors on them. I digress…

After sorting through the sea of people and cats, we find our tour guide wearing the traditional Muslim tunic and an Urban Adventures baseball cap.  We’re about ten minutes late and he explains that he was about to leave but the company told him to stick around for a couple more minutes. This is an important anecdote because a) I think it’s pretty telling of the locals here in Marrakech as they seem to be very punctual people and b) I am certain we would not have had the same rich experience in the market had we not been taken through the nooks and crannies of what is essentially a very large maze, by a local.

The narrow and mysterious alleyways of Jamma el Fna.

The narrow and mysterious alleyways of Jamma el Fna.

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