Women and the Outdoors

I spent the greater part of a week at the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show in Edmonton a couple of weeks ago. As with all outdoors trade shows, I met with industry people, chatted with fans, and made some new friends, however, what really stood out to me in Edmonton was the female presence.

For a couple of years now I’ve been talking about how year after year it seems more and more women are getting into the sport of fishing. I’ve seen this in my travels and online and it’s one of the main driving forces for me in my career. So, when all of these ladies showed up to the show – and not to simply stand by their man’s side – but to actually experience it for themselves, I was so happy and encouraged. I met with all sorts of female outdoor enthusiasts including young professionals, fishing and hunting guides, product reps, and weekend warriors. They were moms, sisters, friends, and ranged in age from late teens to their 60’s. It really was impressive, inspiring and a lot of fun!

Sabrina from the Fishin' Hole - the ultimate weekend warrior.

Sabrina from the Fishin’ Hole – the ultimate weekend warrior.

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Bass Fishing in Japan

This month marks two years since I fulfilled a life long dream of visiting Japan. We visited a bunch of super rad iconic places like Jiro sushi (if you haven’t heard of Jiro, watch the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi) and the Shibuya ward in Tokyo and the intricate and historical temples in Kyoto. This was a family trip and we didn’t have the cameras with us, but dad and I knew we had to take advantage of our proximity to the famous Lake Biwa in the Shiba prefecture where the world record largemouth bass was caught. A few weeks before leaving for our trip, I booked a few hours with Naoya Hiramura, a Lake Biwa guide who’s site “Truth Fishing Guide Service” seemed legit enough. You never know who you’re going to end up with when you seek someone simply by googling, without any word of mouth referral, but we got lucky and Naoya was awesome.

On the day we planned to go fishing, we also planned to meet up with the others in Kyoto, which, looking back was pretty ambitious, but you have to make the most out of your travels! Dad and I took the 4am on the bullet train (and it was actually pretty full, proving that Tokyo never sleeps). By the time the sun was coming up, we were being greeted by Naoya who picked us up from the station.

The thing that struck both my dad and I the most about Naoya, was his attention to detail – and I think this is emblematic of the Japanese culture. He made sure we had everything we needed from beginning to end, and was a true pro. He even presented us with fully packaged Naoya designed lures and Naoya instructional DVD’s!

Like I said, this was a quick fishing stop so although we didn’t have time on our side, we managed to get into a few nice sized largemouth, which we caught with Naoya’s “multi stick slide”.

Dad and I with our largemouth on Lake Biwa.

Dad and I with our largemouth on Lake Biwa.

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