London Jaunt: eat, watch, play!

London, England is known for its dreary skies, pubs, the royals and dry humour. However, it is so much more than that. Every time I go, it never fails to strike me as vibrant, aesthetically pleasing with its old but neat buildings, seemingly at the fore front of certain trends, and full of super delicious food options (that last one is an attribute only recently injected into the city within the past couple of decades). 

I hopped into the city for a very brief, but jam packed 2 and half days, to galavant with one of my best friends Kellee and her friend Liana. As we discussed plans prior to, on what’s app, I was exhausted just thinking of our itinerary, but once we got rolling IRL, I had no problem running on little sleep – because London is exciting, and entertaining, and makes you want to go, go, go. 

We stayed in an Airbnb just off Oxford street, which would be considered a pretty touristy area, however, touristy doesn’t really have the same cheese ball effect is does in North American cities.  Conveniently located nearby were Carnaby street, a bunch of local coffee shops and a pretty good spin studio.

Carnaby Street in London, UK.
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