Beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula

Mariko Izumi in tambor Costa Rica

We have been living in Costa Rica, near Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula, for a couple of months now. I’m here to say – it doesn’t matter where you live, life will throw you some challenges and obstacles. No matter if you’re in a city full of people, cozy at home in the mountains, or adventuring in a tropical paradise – challenges follow. The difference of course is what you are doing in between those challenges, and how you are maneuvering those challenges. But nonetheless real life is everywhere.

With that said, today’s blog post is going to focus on one of the major upsides to living in Costa Rica. That is to say, hopping from beach to beach in the Nicoya Peninsula and the benefits to each one.

Three beaches we love in the Nicoya Peninsula:

  • Playa Tambor , Tambor Bay
  • Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa
  • Playa Tortuga, Tortuga Island

Playa Tambor, Tambor Bay:

The bay is our preferred and most regularly visited beach because the water is calm at all times of the day. The beach is vast, and slopes very gradually into the water so it is perfect for young kids. The sand is dark brown so you don’t get that picture-perfect Caribbean white sand look. However the kids don’t seem to know the difference when it comes to hours of fun with their sand toys.

My four year old can play on her own without me having to hold on to her for dear life for fear of a big undertow swooping her up. It is also is never too busy and as mentioned, there is so much flat beach area. It’s a really calm place to be for the day. The water is so still that sometimes my daughter and I will swim past the very small break in the waves, and just float for an hour. We float in the water taking in the view of the palm trees on the shoreline, the small fishing village across the bay, and sometimes the multi-million dollar yachts lounging in the bay. 

If you’re there in November, you can watch a volunteer group release baby turtles into their forever home (the ocean!). It is an absolutely adorable and memorable experience. Lastly, in addition to a fun and relaxed day, there are restaurants at the entrance of the beach. Tambor Tropical is a charming spot with a wide ranging menu of both American and Costa Rican food. We also love Henry’s which is good for some traditional pizza. Both spots are nice for a casual drink!

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