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10 Newborn Must-Haves

A close family member is about to have a baby which prompted me to start a “must-have” list for new moms and babies. Some key items during this new chapter in life are subjective in terms of importance. Others are super key to almost any mom. Here is a list of items I consider must-have for any new mom. I personally found that is preparation is key when it comes to newborns! While these moments are some of the cherished in your life, it is also one of the most exhausting – so lets take a look at my personal favourite 10 Newborn Must Haves!

1. Dock a tot

For the first few months when you’re nervous about them rolling over. This dock is so effective at keeping them cozy and in one place as they sleep. And, you can bring it everywhere with you. Around the house, and at other people’s houses and hotels. For the first four months, I had both of them in the dock a tot, beside me in my bed, or just beside my bed (my bed is low so I could reach them easily). Then at four months I moved them to their own room, inside the dock, placed in their crib. I found that to be a good transition for both mom and baby. You’ll want to start with the small one.

Tiger in his dock a tot, in his crib.

2. The Over Company

This scarf-like item is soft, and SO convenient. I used it to cover the car seat when babe was sleeping to keep it dark, and also I put it over my head to breastfeed in public. I was in an airplane multiple times when Yale was a baby and she was on the boob, and no one even knew I had a human latched on to me!

3) Nipple balm

Every mother I know complained about dry, chapped, hurting nipples during breastfeeding and honestly, I was so diligent about applying this that I’m pretty sure that’s one reason why I didn’t have any issues. Apply right after babe has fed to keep your nipples hydrated and you’re good to go. Made in Canada. Good for baby. 

4) Diapers

I recommend Hello Bello. Natural and adorable prints and an affordable price point. I find they make a big difference for diaper rash. I also love Hello Bello’s wipes for sensitive fresh baby skin. But let’s also not forget the key feature – ORDER THEM ONLINE and get a subscription.

5) Muslin Baby Blankets

Get yourself some really nice soft lightweight baby blankets. My one year old’s security blanket and personal fave brand that are ultra soft are the Copper Pearl swaddle blankets. I mean REALLY soft. These are useful in many ways: to cuddle, to swaddle if baby is into that, to cover them when holding them, to lay them down, to cover them from the sun. The possibilities are endless and they pack really easily.

6) Baby carriers

I personally like the Tula Explore Baby Carrier as it works for all baby stages. They look modern, are aesthetically pleasing and they are high quality. It is also ergonomic for baby and mom – you can get sh*t done with two hands again while the baby sleeps or is just content hanging out. Game Changer.

Tiger in the Tula Baby Explorer and sister Yale smothering him with love as always.

7) 4 moms Swing and Seat

Any model. It is different for any baby, but for my babies, this swing was clutch shortly after they were born. Not immediately after, but a couple of weeks in and this swing allowed for some nice breaks as it lulled and contained the baby.

Tiger in the 4 moms Swing.

8) Uppa Baby Mesa Car Seat

This seat is so versatile and allows for super easy and quick transition from house to car, back to house without having to wake the baby (key!!!). It also pairs nicely with the Uppa Baby Vista stroller so for the first (9-12 months ish) you also don’t have to wake the baby for taking them from car to stroller and back (also, majorly key). This also can be adapted to accommodate TWO kids for the future, which is great peace of mind when you are investing in a stroller and carseat system.

Yale and Tiger in the Uppa Baby Stroller, and Tiger in the Mesa Car seat.

9) Breastfeeding pillow

I love the My Brest Friend pillow. Sturdy for baby and your back, but still comfortable and really helps with keeping baby in place. Easy to wash too.

Tiger (and kitty Ninny) on Brest Friend Pillow.

10) Zipper Onesie Pyjamas

Starting at newborn or 0-3 months and if you’re in a position to, go ahead and buy 3-6 months as well so you don’t have to think about this for the first few months. I prefer zipper for the quick up and down between sweet baby kicks. The Gap has a bunch in really cute colours and prints and they fit my babies the best because they are very fitted.

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