Weekend Getaway in Classic Canadian City

When one of my best friends moved to the city of Calgary, Alberta recently, I immediately made a mental note to add it to our list of travels. Only an hour flight from Abbotsford or Vancouver in British Columbia, we were able to jet off for a quick weekend getaway. The reality is, you could make this trip a quick weekend getaway from any city in North America. If you want to add skiing or snowboarding to the itinerary, you’ll want to extend your stay to at least 4 nights, but if you stay off the slopes, you can get a lot in, in a couple of nights.

On a recent Saturday, I packed up my toddler (who ate a ton of cat food and puked RIGHT before leaving for the airport – see my Insta posts for details on that one), and off we flew to YYC.

Flying into Calgary is GORGEOUS. The views actually don’t seem real. If you don’t have a wild toddler to wrangle, I suggest booking a window seat so you can take it all in.

View from our flight from Abbotsford to Calgary.

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Calgary: Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show

It’s gonna be cold, but it’s gonna be fun!

Next weekend, I’m heading to the Canadian National Sportsmen’s Show. I get really nostalgic when I think of sportsmen’s shows because they were a big part of my childhood. I have a ton of memories of slipping past the seminar curtain to hang out “behind the scenes” while dad or uncle Bob gave  a talk. I’d sit there listening to everyone laugh and engage and didn’t understand half of what was said, but loved hearing it all. Almost every show, mom would spoil my brother and I with cotton candy, roasted nuts and candy and we’d spend the time in between dad and Bob’s seminars touring the houseboats (they seemed huge when I was a kid!) and visiting with animals.

Canadian National Sportsmen's Show
Uncle Bob on the left, and dad (Wayne) on the right…a LONG time ago!

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