September 29, 2017 Mariko_Admin

Vegas Again and Again…

The Wynn/Encore sister hotels on the North end of the Vegas strip have been my go-to accommodations when staying in Sin City, dating back to seven years now and they ALWAYS deliver. For this reason, I figured I would write a blog highlighting only them. There is so much to do in Vegas, in addition to Wynn and Encore (like the burlesque/ballet show that is Crazy Horse – sooooo good!) but for this blog’s purpose, I’ll stick to the sister hotels. I’ve been there a handful of times and overall, I highly recommend them, so here it goes:

First of all, let’s establish that these two hotels are side by side, owned by the same company and essentially run as one large hotel, so for simplicity sake, just assume I’m talking about one or the other, or both, unless I specifically note otherwise.

Here are my observations on ….


SW, is one of, if not my favourite, restaurant in Vegas, and it happens to be in the Wynn. You’ll want to make a night of it and be sure to make reservations as it fills up fast. Steak, oysters, great wine and a fine dining setting will get you right into the Vegas mood.

Wazuzu, I do not recommend. It falls into the casual dinning category and unfortunately just not that fresh, flavourful or inspiring.

Allegro is worth a stop. It can be especially useful for dinner when you haven’t planned for anything else and need something last minute, as well as really late night after partying or gambling. They have really fresh and delicious pastas.

The lobby bar and café in the Wynn can seem like it’s just a regular bar for alcoholic beverages but in the mornings, they serve fresh coffee, lattés and if you need a boost of nutrients from all the air conditioning/partying/socializing, they serve bottled fresh pressed green juices.

The interior is lavish and stunning wherever you walk.


Hands down, of the THE BEST spas I’ve been to – and that’s saying a lot because I try almost every spa in every hotel/resort/city I stay at. I’ve easily been to 100 spas and this one is one of the best. The layout, the ammenities and services, and the overall decor and feel are top quality and you would be hard pressed not to leave feeling dreamy and relaxed. It’s open and airy while at the same time cozy and intimate.

This is just the lobby of the spa. The inside of the spa is so much more, but I refrained from taking photos…I was too busy getting my relaxation on.


The Wynn pool areas are clean, comfortable and nice to be if you’re looking to relax or have a casual drink. Encore Beach Club, is exactly what it sounds like, there is a definite club vibe with world renowned DJ’s coming through, lots going on and people drinking a lot and dancing a lot. Even though it has a club atmosphere, it’s still fun and somewhat classy, and appropriate for people 25+ as opposed to say, Wet Republic in the MGM which is a little more “raw” and more suited to the younger crowd.

Wynn Poolside…the calmer of the two.


One of the aspects I appreciated and took advantage of for the first time on this latest visit to the Wynn/Encore, is their Master Class series. They host workshops in various fields, from how to take the perfect selfie to how to mix the ultimate cocktail. I attended the former and in addition to the two hour workshop which was legitimately interesting and hands on (mostly makeup and hair tutorial), I went home with beauty products worth around $200, a custom notepad and pen and a bunch of smaller items. It was a fun way to mix up the day.

Along with the goodie bag filled with hundreds of dollars worth of beauty products, they also served champagne. What a treat!

Lastly, the housekeeping was ON POINT. ln line with all the best hotels in the world, they fold your strewn about clothes and arrange your accessories “just so”, so that when you come back to your room you feel it’s refreshed – a home away from home – or often, better than home!


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