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What to Pack

Old school physical book, Onnit Shroom TECH Immune and Shroom TECH Sport, are 3 of my 9 favourite items to travel with.

Beyond the obvious of my iphone and computer, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite items I travel with – always, and automatically. I’ve been experimenting my whole life on what is most effective, so you don’t have to. What to pack can sometimes make or break a trip.

I find if I have these items, then I’m set – both mentally and physically.  Some key components to enjoying your travels, whether it’s for business or pleasure are: you get enough sleep, you feel healthy and energized, you can relax or dial it in at any given time. The combination of goods listed below ensures I have tools to have all these components nailed down regardless of if I’m in the middle of no-where in an exotic newfound location, or just hanging at my parents place. Full disclosure: the first three products are from Onnit, a company that I am officially partnered with, but I can genuinely say these three products are very effective for me and even if I wasn’t partnered with the company, I’d still be purchasing them. 

What to pack…

Onnit Shroom TECH Immune. I take two capsules during breakfast on the days I travel (extra germ-y days like planes, trains, big cities etc). If I feel like my body is not at its best, I take at least two capsules every day during my travels. If I’m feeling good, I generally just prioritize taking them on the actual travel days. (This is my go-to at home as well if I feel a cold coming on. It legitimately works very well for nipping anything like that in the butt).

Onnit Shroom TECH Sport. I try to squeeze in a workout here and there when I travel so I take 3 capsules 45 minutes before a session (as I do when at home). This is another Onnit product that is SUPER effective for me. No stimulants, just good stuff that allow your body and brain to do their thang at their full potential. 

Old school physical book, Onnit Shroom TECH Immune and Shroom TECH Sport, are 3 of my 9 favourite items to travel with.

Onnit Himalayan Salt. Any Himalayan salt will do. I have low blood pressure, and just really like the taste of salt. So I bring it with me (in their travel size packets or pack it in a smaller bag than it comes in).

Eye sleep mask. When traveling it is sometimes hard to know in advance if you’ll have dark blinds/curtains or any at all. Having an eye mask has helped me get some extra winks many times.

An old school physical book. Although it adds extra weight, I find reading a book not from a screen at night helps me get sleepy if I’m having trouble with that. 

Bathing suit. I love bathing suits, and always have. To me they mean freedom and fun. You never know if you’re going to be in a situation where a pool, hot tub, unisex sauna, beach or lake presents itself to you. Having a bathing suit can be the difference between JUST DOING IT, or sitting on the sidelines. 

Small travel size foam roller. I have one that is one third the size of my regular rollers at home, and it feels really good to be able to roll out your back, legs, shoulders after a long travel day or adventure. 

Within Us TruMarine Collagen individual stick packs. Throw one to two of these packs in your coffee every day and help support your hair, skin, nails and joints.

Swell water bottle. Whether it’s keeping my baby’s almond milk fresh, or something to put water in when I’m out and about, having a good quality reusable water bottle is great for cutting down on costs and to avoid having to drink warm plastic infested water. 

I hope I’ve made what to pack a little less work for you, and wish you a productive, relaxing or adventure filled trip!


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