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Mariko’s Story

Mariko Izumi is best known as the host of the World Fishing Network’s flagship original production, Hookin’ Up.

Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi is a popular travel/fishing show that features fishing and fun in some of the hottest locations on the planet.

Mariko’s natural presence in front of the camera and her lifetime of experience on the water are the main contributing factors to the ongoing success of Hookin’ Up. As the daughter of Wayne Izumi and niece of Bob Izumi, it is her experiences with the family fishing show Real Fishing that brought her across America and around the world from a young age, doing everything from kayak fishing in Louisiana to salmon fishing off the northwest coast of British Columbia.

In 2011, Mariko was cast as the female lead in country superstar Craig Campbell’s music video for his hit song “Fish.”

Mariko’s education in public relations and foreign languages has been instrumental in her growth as a television personality. Since she started with WFN in 2007, she has presented a web series on the current events of the fishing industry, hosted her own travel/fishing/adventure series, been used extensively as the face and voice of the network in promos and station IDs, and built an extensive network of fans through the powerful resources on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. She’s a spokesperson for Cuda Brand and western Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows and a proud partner of F3T – the Fly Fishing Film Tour Canada.

She is looking forward to fresh adventures, new characters and more exciting times in front of the camera and on the water.

“We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.”

– Carson McCullers


I'm on TV, I help make TV, and I partner with the best in any business to promote their product or service.


Since I’ve been hosting, I’ve taken part in the pre-production, production and post-production of almost every project I’m involved with.

TV Host

I’ve been hosting for 8 years now and I love it no matter the subject.  I’m best known as the host of the World Fishing Network’s original production, Hookin’ Up with Mariko Izumi.

Brand Spokesperson

I do a lot, and use a lot of products and services so I’m always on the lookout for solid and mutually beneficial partnerships. I’ve acted as a spokesperson for World Fishing Network, Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows, Off! Mosquito Repellent, Cuda Brand Knives and Tools, and more.


FEATURED VIDEO: Blooper reel

When you're working on the road and participating in countless interviews, you're bound to mess up from time to time. Here are some funny moments from the season that I shot with a co-host, Nick.


I do love beer, but no I don’t drink it every day! That interview took place right after we filmed a segment at the Tofino Brewing Co. in British Columbia.

Look, a squirrel!

The bike tour was in Monterey but the interview debacle was in San Francisco, in a random park, with dogs and people yelling – so yes, I may have been slightly distracted and not on my “A” game..

I'm Ron Burgundy?

The old, old bike tour guide quote was inspired by Ron Burgundy 😉


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Vietnam Harbor
Beach Life
Vietnam Oceanview

Featured Location: Vietnam

I had never been to Southeast Asia and chose Vietnam and Thailand as my first countries to explore in that part of the world. Vietnam is like Thailand but with less english, less development and even tastier fruit! It's a great place to push yourself just a little past your comfort zone.


Pam Stinson


Mariko Izumi is a real dynamo. She has hosted television shows, events and represented World Fishing Network for me the past several years. She is a true professional, bringing every source of interest and knowledge to her interviews. Beyond her intelligence she is a great spokesperson, caring and fun!

Pam StinsonVP, Marketing World Fishing Network
Craig Fleming

Selfless Dedication

15th March 2014

I have had the pleasure of working with Mariko on Hookin Up for 4 Seasons, altogether producing 45 episodes. As a host and colleague, Mariko offers tireless and selfless dedication, putting her own fears and ego aside in the constant pursuit of creating exciting entertainment.Her ability to adapt and respond to various situations, all along articulating her thoughts and feelings has been crucial to the survivability of Hookin Up. I believe the audience has never suffered to appreciate the story Mariko threads throughout the narrative, and I know she has as much fun as it seems…

Craig FlemingVP in Charge of Production • Black Walk
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